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One Hundred and Twentieth Season
(Second Concert)—3:00 P.M., Sunday, May 18, 2008
Grace Episcopal Church, 4 Madison Ave, Madison, NJ

Anne Marie Cerciello Conducting at the Piano
Work Music Words Arranger
Selections by the Club
America the Beautiful Samuel Ward Katharine Lee Bates Walter Ehret
The Testament of Freedom
1. The God who gave us life
Randall Thompson Thomas Jefferson
When Johnny comes marching home Traditional George Mead
Give me your tired, your poor Irving Berlin Emma Lazarus Roy Ringwald
Over there George M. Cohan Alfred J Doyle
Armed Forces—
The Pride of America!
1. The Caisson Song
2. The Marines Hymn
3. Semper Paratus
4. The U.S. Air Force
The Navy Hymn
Edmund L. Gruber
Jaques Offenbach
Capt. Francis Soltus Van Boskerck
Robert Crawford
John B. Dykes
Edmund L. Gruber
Henry C. Davis
Capt. Francis Soltus Van Boskerck
Robert Crawford
William Whiting
& M. C. D. Hamilton
Greg Gilpin
Tom Scott
The Gift of Song Patti Ingalls Hawley Ades
Selections from Guys and Dolls
1. Guys and Dolls
2. Luck, be a lady
3. Fugue for Tinhorns
4. A bushel and a peck
5. If I were a bell
6. I've never been in love before
7. Adelaide's Lament
8. Sit down, you're rocking the boat
Frank Loesser Mac Huff
The Battle Hymn of the Republic Traditional Julia Ward Howe Peter Wilhousky
One World Geoffrey O'Hara John W. Bratton Harry R. Wilson

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